72-HOUR POST FIGHT is an Italian genre-bending musical project formed by producers Palazzi D’Oriente and Fight Pausa, joined by drummer Andrea Dissimile and saxophonist Adalberto Valsecchi. The project combines elements of electroacoustic music, downtempo and ambient with jazz, math rock, hip hop and emo.

Their self-titled first album, released in March 2019 on La Tempesta International, is a single entity without pauses, standing out for its ability to constantly challenge rigid genres’ divisions. Shortly after the release of their debut, 72-HOUR POST FIGHT announced a 100% remixed version of the album, which came out in October 2019. The remix album sees contributions by UK dj and producer Cooly G (Hyperdub Records), experimental jazz extraordinaire Ben Vince (Hessle Audio, 33 33) and italian-parisian Lamusa II (Ninja Tune, RBMA alumnus), among others.

NOT / UNGLUED is a two-track EP released in 2020, marking a decisive change of pace – where previously liquid atmospheres and formless soundscapes dominated, we now find rhythmicity and determination. 72-HOUR POST FIGHT’s mission is clear: recompose to create a new balance.

The band performed extensively following their debut, sharing stage with various international bands at Club To Club, Spazio Maiocchi (Kaleidoscope x Gucci), VIVA! Festival, Club Adriatico just to name a few.

Their new album is ‘NON-BACKGROUND MUSIC’ and it is released May 27th 2022.