M¥ss keta is the angel that wears sunglasses, always veiled. Her hidden identity is the best way to say the truth, because ‘not having a face allows to have a bit of m¥ss in each of us’.


Performer, rapper with a punk attitude, pop icon and definitive diva. M¥ss keta is from milan, and it couldn’t be otherwise. As a true leader she leads a squat that goes by the name of ‘the girls from porta venezia’, seductive and dangerous. With her girls, m¥ss keta, sets on fire the stages of the biggest festivals and club of italy in a jubilation of techno, house, dubstep, rap that it feels like it’s coming straight out of her body.

Her first debut was in 2013 with ‘milano sushi e coca’ (milan, sushi and coke). From then onwards will follow a series of stratospheric successes ‘in gabbia (non ci vado)’(i’m not going in the can), ‘burqa di gucci’ (gucci’s burqa), ‘le ragazze di porta venezia’ (the girls from porta venezia), and the first mixtape in free download “l’angelo dall’occhiale da sera”, sequently put together in the greatest hits ‘l’angelo dall’occhiale da sera: col cuore in gola’ (the angel with the sunglasses: heart in the throat, 2016). After the ep ‘carpaccio ghiacciato’ (frozen carpaccio, 2017), m¥ss keta publishes her first album with universal music – island “una vita in capslock” (a life in capslock, 2018), followed by “paprika” (2019) with many featuring with the most important italian artists like guè pequeno (the first single “pazzeska”), mahmood, elodie, gabry ponte.

After one year, m¥ss keta came back with her latest single “giovanna hardcore”.

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