Comunicato stampa


Recorded by Elia Pozzi at Studio La Sabbia, Milan (Italy)
Mixed by Giovanni Doneda at Studio La Sabbia, Milan (Italy)
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà Studio, Tredozio FC (Italy)

Elia Pozzi: Drums, Percussions, Bass, Vocals
Emiliano Vegro: Piano, Organ, Rhodes Piano, Synthesizer, Synth Bass, Melodica, Percussions, Backing Vocals
Ferruccio Perrone: Guitars, Vocals
Nicolas Biscione: Guitars
Alessandro Luppi: Bass Horn, Flute, Vocals
Francesco Di Maggio: Trombone
Jacopo Penzo: Tenor Saxophone
Giovanni Doneda: Bass, Synth Bass
Francesco Di Maggio: Trombone
Ferruccio Perrone: Backing Vocals


01. Warriors (feat. Patois Brothers)
02. No Justice (feat. Galas)
03. Rebel Healing (feat. Prince Alla)
04. Stay With me
05. Cross The River
06. Vybz In The Dancehall
07. Taking Over
08. Reach The Mountains
09. Island Breeze (feat. Teo Rootical)
10. See Them Fallin
11. Dub Healing (Paolo Baldini DubFiles Version)