Goodnight, Civilization

Uscita: 08/04/2014



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Gabe Serbian – drums
Luca T. Mai – sax
Massimo Pupillo – bass

Mark “Barney” Greenway – vocals on Easter Woman

Drums and bass recorded by Luke HenShaw and Matt Coleman at Penguin Studios in San Diego, California, October 2013.

Sax recorded by Lorenzo Stecconi at the Orc Room in Rome, Italy.
Barney’s vocals recorded by Miguel Seco at Robannas Studios, Birmingham, UK, mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Stecconi.

Cover photo: Anthony Santoloci
Artwork: Sara D’Uva

Dedicated to Francesco “Lars” Nanni

Play at maximum volume!


01. Goodnight, Civilization
02. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
03. Easter Woman (feat. Barney Greenway)