Lorenzo “Nada” è un DJ/Producer italiano che registra e si esibisce col nome di Godblesscomputers.


Lorenzo Nada è Godblesscomputers. Si forma come beat maker, producer e dj, mosso da una precoce passione per i campionatori e per i vinili. Nel 2011 prende vita Godblesscomputers, moniker di un progetto musicale che, ispirato da ritmiche e stilemi della musica black, avanza in territori elettronici mantenendo però fedele il groove e il calore originario del suo suono.

Da appassionato ascoltatore, Lorenzo è soprattutto un collezionista di suoni; li esplora, cataloga, seziona e ricompone in elementi di sintesi per costruire le sue produzioni. Il suo primo disco ufficiale “Veleno” esce nel 2014 e sancisce il suo ingresso nella scena elettronica italiana indipendente, l’album successivo “Plush and Safe” (2015) ne è una conferma. “Solchi” (2017, La Tempesta) ha segnato un punto di svolta nel suo percorso artistico, portandolo a una nuova dimensione live con una band di tre elementi e a riconnettersi con le sue radici musicali hip hop, sviluppandole e reinterpretandole.

“The Island” è il suo ultimo album uscito a dicembre 2020. È composto da 8 tracce dai titoli evocativi e sintetici, che lasciano i suoni parlare e guidano l’ascoltatore verso quell’isola misteriosa di cui ci vuole raccontare.

Lorenzo Nada, A.K.A. Godblesscomputers, was born in Ravenna (IT). He developed as a beat-maker, producer and DJ, driven by an early passion for samplers and vinyls. In 2011 Godblesscomputers comes to life: the moniker of a musical project which, inspired by the rhythms and stylistic features of black music, explores electronic territories while remaining faithful to the groove and to the original warmth of its sound. As a passionate listener, Lorenzo is above all a sound collector; he explores new audio samples, catalogs, dissects and reassembles them in synthesis elements to build his productions. His first official album “Veleno” comes out in 2014 and marks his entry into the independent Italian electronic scene, and the following album “Plush and Safe” (2015) is a validation of this. “Solchi” (2017, La Tempesta Dischi) marked a turning point in his artistic career, bringing a new live dimension with a band of three elements with the artistic purpose of reconnecting with his hip-hop musical roots, developing and reinterpreting them. In 2020 the beginning of the collaboration between Godblesscomputers and the London-based Awal shows the entry of the producer into the international electronic scene, releasing the three new singles “Fire In The Jungle”,”Lions” and “Float”.

While with “Solchi” (2017, La Tempesta) Godblesscomputers was looking for a connection between past and future, “The Island” is the artist’s imaginary journey discovering a distant land. The eight tracks take us to a mysterious island, told through different chapters that involve the listener through the story. Godblesscomputers chooses evocative and synthetic titles, he wants the sounds to speak: characters and landscapes animate this latest work which seems to be quick and simple just like an island, but going on it shows infinite folds, shades made of references, influences and intuitions. Nothing is at it seems: the island is where you don’t expect it and it can appear anywhere, even inside you.

“The record has a long and layered genesis. After a first draft straight away following the last tour, I closed myself in the studio without giving up on collaborations and real features. Thanks to the voice of Jennifer from Technoir, Pacific Sound transports us immediately to different latitudes, approaching that island of dreams that finally manifests itself before our eyes. Glenn Astro and Montoya have contributed to the productions of two tracks, respectively Rocks and Echoes. Pasquale Mirra’s vibraphone in Lions welcomes us while we cross the dense tropical jungle. The arpeggios and basses of Giulio Abatangelo, former member of the band on tour and musician in Solchi, are the compass for our explorations. The cover itself hides an enigma, as if it were a mirage or an illusion: scenario changes depending on the point of view and leaves the doubt until the end about what is real.”

“The Island” was written and produced by Godblesscomputers. The mix was curated by Diego “Detox” Faggiani at Menounolab Studio in Bologna and the master is by Giovanni Versari. The cover artwork was curated by Lorenzo Nada and Guido Garotti.