Recorded, mixed and produced by Paolo Baldini DubFiles at Alambic Conspiracy Studio in Pordenone, PN (Italy)

Mastered by Nick Manasseh at The Yard Studio in London (UK)

℗© 2024 La Tempesta Dub

Cover art and graphics by Filippo Buresta

Photographs by Mimina Di Muro

Music written, arranged and performed by Paolo Baldini DubFiles.

Additional players:

Matteo Da Ros (guitar on tracks 2, 3, 7);
Roberto Dazzan (brass on tracks 5, 9);
Lorenzo Garzia (guitar on tracks 2, 8);
Luca Masseroni (drums on track 6);
Alfredo Puglia (keyboard and programming on tracks 7, 9);
Adriano Viterbini (guitar on track 3)


01. Fe Free Dub (Occitan Clouds)
02. Sunlight [w/th Bleue; 5 Star Celestial]
03. Nice and Easy [w/th Kabaka Pyramid; Mellow Mood]
04. Sandagà [w/th Supahfly]
05. Deep Meditation [w/th Anthony B]
06. You Are Not Alone [w/th Queen Omega]
07. Praises Be [w/th Jules I]
08. Shililin Kikikin [w/th Mellow Mood; Lasai; Zacky Man]
09. Mata Mata [w/th Andrew I; Forelock; KG Man]
10. Big and Bad [w/th Mellow Mood; Minori]
11. Ticking Bomb [w/th Mellow Mood; Lasai; Zacky Man]
12. Como Yo [w/th Mellow Mood]