Comunicato stampa


Written produced and arranged by Beatrice Antolini.
Recorded and mixed at Big Saloon Studio (Bologna) by Beatrice Antolini.
Mastered by Simone Squillario at Hybrid Studio Torino.

Beatrice Antolini performed piano, synths, guitar, bass, arums, percussion,
electronic programming and arrangement.

Graphics and Artworks by Dorothy Bhawl.

Additional Recordings:
Grand piano and Voice on “What You Want” recorded at Fonoprint Studios (Bologna) by Claudio Adamo, assistant: Pietro Giolito.
Drums on tracks 1, 2, 8 recorded by Angelo Epifani at Raw Studios (Bologna).
Grand piano on tracks 1, 3, 9 recorded by Davide Cristiani at Bombanella Soundscapes (Maranello).

Social thanks to: La Tempesta dischi. Sfera Cubica ufficio stampa. Dorothv Bhawl, Marco Barbieri for his huge help with lyrics, Ale Bavo for his musical advice, Federico Poggipollini, Andrea Perillo.


01. Insilence
02. Forget to Be
03. Second Life
04. Subba
05. Until I Became
06. Total Blank
07. What You Want
08. I’m Feeling Lonely
09. Beautiful Nothing