Mellow Mood


Uscita: 06/04/2018



Comunicato stampa


Produced, recorded and mixed by Paolo Baldini at Alambic Conspiracy Studio, Pordenone PN (Italy) and Pedrolara Studio, Coriano RN (Italy) Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters, Austin TX (USA). Photographs by Cara Robbins. Artwork and design by Dewey Saunders.

Jacopo Garzia: vocals, guitars
Lorenzo Garzia: vocals, guitars
Filippo Buresta: keyboards, programming
Antonio Cicci: drums, programming
Giulio Frausin: bass, guitars, backing vocals, percussions

Additional musicians:
Paolo Baldini: keyboard on track 9, programming on track 10
Alfredo “Forelock” Puglia: programming on track 8

All songs arranged by Mellow Mood.
Solo Banton kindly provided helpful assistance editing the lyrics.


01. Call Back The Love
02. Tuff Rocky Road
03. Ms. Mary
04. Sound Of A War
05. Large
06. Heart To No One
07. It Can’t Work
08. Another Day
09. Daddy
10. String Up A Sound
11. Eye Waata
12. Place Called Home