Comunicato stampa


Written, recorded and produced by Yakamoto Kotzuga at Faded Studio, Venice.
Mixed and Mastered by Giovanni Ferliga at Tapewave Studio, Milan.

Photo and artwork by Furio Ganz.

Special thanks: Enrico and La Tempesta, Paola and Sugarmusic, Furio, Matilde, Rossana, Alvise, Giulia, Silvia, Jo, Dario, Britney, Nic, Fra & Davide from Crossfade, Greta, Eros, Barbara, Giovanni & Gregorio.


01. This Will Always Be The Best
02. Existential Angst
03. She Said
04. Until We Fade
05. Shouldn’t Be Here
06. Suffer & Hold
07. Inner God
08. New Singularity
09. Emotional Complexity
10. Impermanence
11. Remember Nothing You Don’t Have To