Mellow Mood


Uscita: 03/06/2014



Comunicato stampa


Jacopo Garzia: vocals
Lorenzo Garzia: vocals, guitars
Federico Mazzolo: drums, programming
Filippo Buresta: keyboards, programming
Giulio Frausin: bass, guitars

All songs arranged by Mellow Mood

Additional musicians:
Paolo Baldini: bass, guitar and programming on track 8
Dennis “Kaykay” Beganovich: trombone on tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Robert “Dubz” Brownie: guitars on track 3
Roberto Dazzan: trumpet on track 4, beatbox on track 12
Dean Fraser: sax on track 3
Fitzroy “Dave Prime Time” Green: drums and bass on track 3
Robert Iyn: keyboards on track 3
Massimo Minato: programming on track 6
Rankin’ Alpha: percussions on track 10
Dwight Richards: trumpet on track 3
Stefano Salmaso: sax on tracks 4, 10

Produced, recorded and mixed by Paolo Baldini at Alambic Conspiracy Recording Studio, Valvasone PN (Italy).
Mastered by Simone Squillario at Dub The Demon, Luserna San Giovanni TO (Italy).
Photographs by Il Marza. Artwork by Alambic Conspiracy.


01. Intro
02. Twinz
03. Closed Doors
04. Dig Dig Dig
05. Inna Jamaica (feat. Richie Campbell)
06. Tun It Up
07. Don’t Leave I Lonely
08. Memba December
09. One Note (feat. KG Man)
10. Be Around (feat. Forelock)
11. You Don’t Know
12. One Drop Music (feat. Sr. Wilson)
13. Oh Mama