Paolo Baldini DubFiles

Paolo Baldini DubFiles

Uscita: 14/10/2014



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Produced and mixed by Paolo Baldini at Alambic Conspiracy Studio, Pordenone (IT)
Mastered by Simone Squillario at Dub The Demon Studio, Luserna San Giovanni, Torino (IT)
Cover photo by Il Marza
Tray photo by Elia Falaschi
Artwork by Giacomo Sanquerin and Alambic Conspiracy


01. Intro by Ioshi
02. Who A Talk feat. Sr. Wilson
03. Dub Inna Babylon feat. DubFiles All Stars
04. Leave I Or Love Me Forever feat. Forelock
05. Likkle Dub Girl feat. Richie Campbell vs. Mellow Mood
06. DubVampaya Medley feat. Jacob, L.O., Jules I and Andrew I
07. Politician Dub feat. Arawak meet Macka B
08. Who Am I? feat. Forelock
09. Never Be A Slave feat. Dub FX
10. Extra Love Dub
11. Zion Doors feat. Andrew I
12. Zion Dub Version
13. I Express feat. Rawz
14. Dub A Express
15. Big In Japan feat. Jacob and L.O.
16. Dubshine feat. Jules I
17. Lotus Dub File