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A New Astronomy

Uscita: 25/06/2021



Marco Fasolo: voci e strumenti
Autori testi/musica: Fasolo/ Gastaldello

“A New Astronomy”, album dei Jennifer Gentle del 2005, è disponibile nel mondo digitale a partire da venerdì 25 giugno 2021.

Originariamente pubblicato in tiratura limitatissima da Sub Pop nel 2005 e poi ristampato in CD da A Silent Place nel 2006, “A New Astronomy” consiste in una serie di brani incisi da Marco Fasolo su un 4 tracce a cassetta e rappresenta uno degli album più atipici e sperimentali dei JG: ipnotico, rumorista, nei titoli dei suoi pezzi così come nello spirito un esempio di psichedelia occulta italiana prima ancora che fosse stata coniata questa definizione.

L’edizione A Silent Place riportava la seguente nota:
This album is dedicated to Giovanni Paneroni, amateur astronomer and misunderstood genius. He was born in 1871 and made a living out of peddling sweets and ice-creams around Northern Italy’s towns and villages. In his free time, he developed his own, revolutionary astronomical theories: the Earth is flat, surrounded on every corner by perennial glaciers; the sun is nothing more than a small silver ball with a 2 meter diameter and a weight of approximately 14 kilos; Copernicus was wrong: the entire official astronomical science is just a bunch of lies; planets don’t move, stars are just little fires hung in the sky, the universe doesn’t exist . He also invented a new solar compass based on his extraordinary discoveries. In his unstoppable attempts to promote the truth, Paneroni tried everything and suffered countless humiliations: he stalked professors, was arrested and became a well known character in many Italian universities. After some years spent in a mental institution, he died in 1950. Thousands of people from all over the country attended his funeral.

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01. Lost Aurora
02. Hidden Flower
03. Red Apple Devil
04. Hollow Earth Theory
05. Sex Rituals Of The Dead
06. Hiss From Nowhere
07. The Cannibal Club
08. Church Of The Black Emptiness
09. “What Did You Say?”
10. A Classification Of Clouds
11. Music From Mars
12. Last Aurora
13. Me And Joe On The Moon
14. Untitled