Paolo Baldini DubFiles, Forelock

To The Foundation of Dub

Uscita: 14/06/2019



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Produced by Paolo Baldini for La Tempesta Dub.
Performed by Forelock & Arawak.
Additional musicians in “Tarry Dub”: Tommaso “Pol” Gieri: drums; Paolo Baldini: bass; Luca Ceolin: synth.
Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maestà (Faenza, Italy) except track 10 mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters (Austin TX, USA).
Photos by Mimina Di Muro.
Graphics by Giacomo Sanquerin.

In memory of our beloved friend Juba Lion.


01. Intro
02. Roots And Dub Culture
03. Dub Next Door
04. Goose Dub
05. Home Dub
06. Tarry Dub
07. Dub A Seed
08. To The Foundation Of Dub
09. Nuraggae Style (Bonus Track)
10. Nureggae Dub Style (Bonus Track)