Forelock & Arawak


Uscita: 04/12/2015



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Produced by Paolo Baldini. Recorded at Alambic Conspiracy Studio (PN) and Zanna’s studio (SS). Mixed at Alambic Conspiracy Studio. Mastered by Simone Squillario.

Alfredo Puglia: vocals
Carlo Manca: drums
Gabriele Cordedda: bass
Raffaele Puglia: keyboards
Andrea Sau: organ
Giovanni Sanna: lead guitar
Franco Canu: rhythm guitar


01. Intro
02. Original Style
03. Rasta Say No feat. Juba Lion
04. Dem Fi Know
05. No One Knows
06. No Dub Knows
07. Raverz feat. Steel Pulse
08. Global Backfire
09. Be My One
10. New Chapter Of Love feat. Andrew I
11. Mother’s Blood
12. A Wha We Ah Wait For
12. Soldiers feat. Dennis Bovell